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Colt offers unrivalled expertise and experience in delivering solutions for its customers, which is enabled by a two-way dialogue on key issues and practical needs.

Colt's CPD programme is an essential part of that continuing process. Over the past two years more than 2,000 people have taken part in approximately 180 such seminars.

Each of CPD seminars have been officially approved by the CPD Certification Service and are listed on their website, http://www.cpduk.co.uk/.

As time is precious, seminars may be held at your offices at a time to suit you. Usually this is over lunchtime with a lunch provided by Colt. Each seminar normally lasts around one hour. We also offer CPD at our headquarters in Havant, where you may visit our Manufacturing and Design and Test Facilities.

Attendees are provided with full supporting documentation and Certificates of Attendance are awarded on completion of the seminar.

- Car Park Ventilation

- Louvre Systems

- Natural Ventilation Systems

- Smoke Pressurisation Systems

- Smoke Ventilation Using Shafts

- The General Principles of Smoke Control

- Water Source 'WRF' Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems


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