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Gent’s CPD seminars continue to be recognised as the fire industry’s principal education forum. The comprehensive programme of CPD seminars for Designers, Installers and End Users, have all been accredited with CPD Certification

Don't be Alarmed!
A guideline for designers on the use of VA/PA systems and how they are used in conjunction with a fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839-8: 2008

Watching the Detectors
This presentation takes a detailed look at sections 21 & 22 of BS5839-1:2002 which covers the various types of detectors, their selection and siting.

Comply Don't Fry
The effect on the requirements of the provision of a fire detection system within a premise, in light of new Legislation, Building Regulations and changes to current Standards.

Raising the Standard
An overview of BS 5839-1:2000, the code of practice for the fire detection system design and installation in the UK and maintenance responsibilities during the life of the system.

Playing with Fire
Details on the provision of a new fire alarm system and reasons why over 90% of systems installed today do not comply to the current British Standard.

Striking the Balance
Guidelines for reducing false alarms without compromising the rapid detection of real fires.

Protect your Investment
The vital role of maintenance to protect your people and property, and your investment.

Fire! What Fire?
A guideline for designers on the use of sounders and how they are used within an advanced fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839 Part 1: 2002.

Breaking the code: Fire Safety in the NHS
The impact on the requirements of the provision of a fire detection system within NHS healthcare premises, in light of the NHS Firecode HTM 05-02, British Standards and Codes of Practice.

Shut that Door
A guideline to the monitoring and activation of door release mechanisms controlled by a Fire alarm system, incorporating the recommendations of BS7273 part 4: 2007

What? No Wires!
To provide an understanding of what considerations need to be made when installing ‘in full’ or ‘in part’, a fire detection system that relies on ‘wire or wire free’ technology to link the component parts.

Central Battery Systems
Examines the applications that central supply systems can be used for along with information on the components, wiring and testing requirements that should be carried out in order to ensure it
complies with the relevant standard

Open, Closed... Confused?
A CPD guide to the Protocol argument within the fire alarm industry.


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