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Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar -Electric Heating

• The History of Electric Heating
• Electric Heaters - how they work
• The benefits of Electric Heating
• Products and Applications
• Questions

The seminar explains how electric heating evolved, how the current products work and the benefits of a dry system over a wet system.

The seminar also covers which products are suitable for the various commercial and domestic space. The delegates will also be made aware of the generic products currently available and how to size and site the different heaters, taking into consideration safety and Building Regulations


Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Energy Efficient Commercial Ventilation

• The Key Energy Market Drivers
• Energy and Legislation
• Energy Efficient Technology Overview
• Demand Ventilation
• Motor Technology
• Control Strategies
• Sensor Control
• Applications

This Seminar covers energy efficient ventilation, sensors and controls driven by the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations. It explains the technology behind the highly efficient EC/DC motor and how it can help meet Specific Fan Power requirements.
The seminar introduces Demand Ventilation that allows single & twin fan in - line ventilation systems be controlled through a range of switches & sensors to match airflow with air quality requirements. Various applications are demonstrated using animated examples.
The seminar duration is 1 hour.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Part F Energy Efficient Solutions

• Part L Overview
• SAP 2006
• Part F1 Ventilation Requirements
• Energy Efficient MVHR Systems - the benefits
• Design Criteria
• Installation Best Practice
• Case Studies

This seminar will demonstrate the various ventilation solutions within the new AD F 2006 document. It will give specifiers an insight into the most energy efficient solutions to compliment Part L and demonstrate best practice in the design and installation of MVHR systems.

Case studies are used to show how MVHR systems can help in various situations such as noise ingress problems and energy efficient dwellings.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Combating Allergy in the Indoor Environment

• Allergies: the facts
• Combating allergies in the indoor environment
• The processes:
• The Treatment
• Clean Air Systems
• Monitoring the results:
• The Clinical Trials
• The Case Studies

This presentation will look at the impact of poor indoor air quality in our homes and workplaces and how it is affecting our health. It explains why allergies to the House Dust Mite and other sources have increased six-fold since the 1970's and how these allergies can effect our daily lives.

The treatment is a simple matter of good practice housekeeping to reduce the allergen load coupled with ventilation and filtration to reduce humidity levels and inhibit Dust Mite re-infestation.

The seminar concludes with report on recent and current clinical trials that prove that this treatment can reduce the allergen load and show significant savings on asthma drug usage.Case studies are used to show how lives have been improved since implementation of the treatment and references are made to the conclusions of the CEDAR (Centre for Environmental Design and Research) report.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Factory Visit
• Vent-Axia Company Overview
• Product Presentation
• Visit to Vent-Axia Departments:
• Laboratory and SMT Approvals
• Production
• Cad Design Department
• Sales
• Summary and Wrap-up

This factory visit will provide a valuable insight into how a ventilation company runs, right through from research and development to customer after-care. It will demonstrate how ventilation systems are developed with regard to safety, legislation compliance and sustainability. The CPD value is rated at 4 hours and will be both informative and educational Refreshments will be provided and relevant handouts will be given to delegates.

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