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Osram and Hess Conclude a Strategic Collaboration

Hess AG will from now on drive the development of its luminaire range towards LED in strategic partnership with Osram. Hess will equip LED luminaires for street and architectural lighting with Osram LED modules type Streetlight RAP and the electronic control gear Optotronic OT 3DIM.

In addition the businesses will collaborate in matters of light management. For Osram the cooperation with Hess is the first of a series of strategic partnerships in various areas of application.

"As a leading lighting manufacturer we want to move on towards the LED age together with our partners from the luminaire industry", says Klaus-Günter Vennemann, CEO of the Business Unit General Lighting at Osram. "Partnerships such as that with Hess are beneficial for all parties: The luminaire manufacturer can include more efficient technology earlier, we receive additional application data for our modules and electronic control gears, and the customer profits, because the most efficient LED technology is made available more quickly."

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