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Stock and Staffing Expansion at FDB Panel Fittings

stock and staffing expansionIn a significant move to ensure rapid delivery times and excellent technical sales support for customers, FDB Panel Fittings have greatly increased stockholding and personnel levels at their Isleworth facility in Middlesex.

Hundreds of new products are now stocked in depth with extensive additional stock of popular items serving the specialist panel builder and vehicle transport industries with locks, handles, hinges, cabinet sealing and other enclosure hardware in zinc die, reinforced plastics and stainless steel.

Staffing on the technical sales desk has been increased by 50% in line with business supply and demand requirements, while the Rocfast assembly and logistics program facilities have also been ramped up to ensure timely service to customers on a worldwide basis.

FDB Panel Fittings are sales partners with Dirak, EMKA, Pinet, Giussani, Weston Body Hardware, Lowe & Fletcher, Gold & Wassall, Southco, Ronis, and carry stock appropriately


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