Unmetered Supplies User Group and the LIA Laboratory

LIA LaboratoryIs your equipment used within the UMSO system to calculate volumes of electricity consumed?
Do you have a charge code?

The LIA can carry out UMSUG measurements at our Laboratory in Telford or if you prefer send one of our expert engineers to your site to do the testing and provide you with the required report for ELEXON, to get your charge code.

Charge code?
• A 13 digit number assigned to apparatus that UMS customers add to their inventories.
• Used to get equipment connected and to make billing arrangements
• To get a code all UMS equipment must be tested by an accredited IS0/IEC 17025 test house that is agreed by Elexon, such as the LIA Laboratory.

The LIA Laboratory works closely with ELEXON to consult on requirements for luminaires and have the latest state of the art software and equipment. This makes the testing process fast and effective, ensuring our market leading service is of the highest quality.

This testing provides an accurate indication of the load at the distribution network terminals for the particular equipment under normal service conditions. Once your test report is submitted to ELEXON, we support you through the process, step by step until you are issued with your charge code.


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