LPA Lighting Calculates And Visualises Light For The Lighting Industry Academy

LIZPECKThe award winning lighting design consultancy LPA Lighting, partners with the Lighting Industry Academy (Academy) to deliver the Academy’s DIALux 4 Lighting Software courses.

DIALux is used by over 680 000 lighting designers worldwide and the Academy’s course is perfect for lighting designers, sales representatives, electrical engineers, energy assessors and alike who want to understand and experience DIALux lighting software.

Presented by Liz Peck, who, along with her extensive knowledge and experience brings with her an infectious passion for ‘lighting’. Liz will guide you through the fundamentals of DIALux, covering:
•    Setup and getting started
•    Project development
•    Emergency lighting
•    Additional techniques
•    Advanced functions

Courses are held throughout the UK with prices starting from £275+VAT

Liz is a prominent personality within lighting, gaining her reputation and the respect of the industry via some of the most distinguished names in lighting including Concord:marlin and Philips Lighting.

With a Masters in Light & Lighting from the Bartlett School of Architecture, Liz understands the importance of learning and was herself awarded Lightmongers’ Student of the Year, MSc Light & Lighting in 2003.

In 2007 she established LPA Lighting an independent lighting design consultancy. Liz has also held the position of President of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and was named Lux Person of the Year at the Lux Awards 2015.

With these credentials it is easy to see why the Academy views Liz and LPA Lighting’s involvement as a great addition and excellent news for the delegates and lighting industry as a whole.


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