The Seal of Approval for Lighting Manufacturers

LIA LAB Verified logoIn a highly competitive market, lighting manufacturers need to be able to demonstrate to potential customers that their products will deliver the required performance. The ideal way to do this is to provide independent verification and certification from a trusted body.

LIA Laboratories, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) is the only test laboratory that is able to provide the LIA Labs independent stamp of verification – which means the products have not only been tested rigorously, but also their performance has also been checked by the LIA. The LIA Labs Verified scheme provides verification to the relevant standards for lamps and luminaires, whilst the LIA Labs itself is certified to ISO 17025 and ISO 17065, which sets the standard for labs and certifying bodies.

In ensuring their products carry this high level of independent certification, lighting manufacturers are enabling customers to specify and install their products with complete confidence that they will deliver the stated performance.

LIA Lamps General Manager Mark Salt explained: “While confidence in product performance has always been important it has taken on a higher priority as LEDs become the light source of choice in any application. The very complexity of LED lighting systems, combined with the number of new entrants to the market, has resulted in customers seeking a higher level of reassurance. The LIA Labs Verified scheme provides that peace of mind.”

LIA Laboratories is the U.K.’s largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting and has over 20 years’ experience in testing lighting products. It also has the largest scope of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accreditations for lighting and supporting products in the UK and is the UK Government appointed Notified Body under the Low Voltage Directive.

The LIA LAB scheme operates in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust so that compliant products can be marked with both the LIA LAB and EST brand marks.


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