Energy Saving Trust Launches Plug-in Advice Tool

The Plug-in Vehicle tool provides customised advice for organisations so they can understand where and how plug-in vehicles will work within their fleet, where to recharge on the routes most commonly taken, and what first steps they can take to adopt the electric vehicles.

There are multiple benefits to using plug-in vehicles, including lower taxes, reduced running costs and grants to help with purchase. Once visitors to the Plug-in Vehicle tool website have answered a few simple questions they will receive a report that provides detailed advice on the feasibility of adopting plug-in vehicles into their fleet.

Andrew Benfield, Director of Transport at the Energy Saving Trust, said:

“Businesses are waking up to the benefits of ultra-low emission vehicles. This is a perfect tool for fleet managers, company directors and sustainability professionals to learn more about the benefits of ‘green fleets’.

“With this online tool anyone can find out if plug-in vehicles could be introduced to their fleets in minutes and with this first step we can work with companies to build a strong business case for sustainable driving.”

The service proved successful for City of York and Fruit 4 London, both of whom used this review to reduce fleet costs, carbon and improve their organisation's sustainability profile.

The EST Transport team offers fleet consultancy to organisations interested in more detailed advice. This includes analysis and recommendations about where ultra-low emission vehicles could work within a fleet and explores the suitability and the business case for adopting plug-in vehicles.

At the end of this review organisations receive a report showing where and how ultra-low emission vehicles could work within their fleet, infrastructure advice and whole life cost analysis.