Applications Invited for Next Stage of Plugged-in Fleets Initiative

Energy Saving Trust (EST) has announced it will be offering 100 organisations in England a free analysis of their fleets to see if and how electric vehicles will work for them. The initiative, funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, follows the successful completion of the original Plugged-in Fleets Initiative (PIFI).

In 2012/13, EST demonstrated how 20 of the UK’s leading organisations from the public and private sector could adapt their fleets to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It was found that organisations switching to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles could reduce their fuel costs by an average of 75 per cent.

The full results of the analysis were published last month in a report called “Charging Forward”, which found a strong business case for most of the 20 fleets to adopt plug-in vehicles, with some reviews even offering a strong case for fleets to be 100 per cent electric.

This next step, known as “PIFI 100”, will deliver a further 100 reviews. Organisations across England are invited to apply now. As part of PIFI 100 each organisation will receive guidance, detailed analysis and a strategic plan for the introduction of electric vehicles into their fleets.

Caroline Watson from the Energy Saving Trust says: “We have already demonstrated that electric vehicles can provide practical and financial benefits to some of the leading organisations in the UK. We aim to continue this work through PIFI 100, as more organisations look at electric vehicles as a long-term investment for their business needs. If organisations are interested in a free analysis of their fleets, we would recommend registering interest now as places on the programme will fill up fast!”

Norman Baker MP, Transport Minister, said: “The Plugged-in Fleets Initiative has played an important role in helping organisations to recognise the benefits of introducing electric vehicles into their fleets. This new funding for PIFI 100 will allow even more organisations to identify the real opportunities and benefits that electric vehicles can bring.

“This year, with more and more models coming onto the market, there will be an ever-increasing range of vehicles available at different price points. With our new initiatives announced to support infrastructure costs, now is the perfect time to take this opportunity of free support and guidance to ensure that the full benefits can be realised.”

Derek McCreadie from the City of York council said: “From the detailed analysis undertaken by EST it was clear that we had lots to gain by switching to electric vehicles. EST’s comparison of our existing fleet with new electric vehicles demonstrated what was achievable in terms of lower operational costs and emissions and a site energy survey by EDF Energy established where and how many electric cars we could charge. As a result we are now eager to run electric vehicles in our fleet and can do so with confidence.”

Organisations that participate in PIFI 100 will receive:

•    An analysis of where and how plug-in vehicles could work in the business
•    A whole life cost analysis, comparing existing vehicles with plug-in alternatives
•    An outline of what needs to change to allow plug-in vehicles to make practical or financial sense for the organisation
•    Infrastructure guidance
•    And a tailored final report with clear recommendations on recharging infrastructure and scheduling analysis.

To register an interest in taking part in PIFI 100 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Energy Saving Trust Transport team on 0207 227 0310.

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