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The Bad Pyrmont Showpiece: The New Phoenix Contact Electronics Building Is Smart

bad pyrmontIt is the third largest construction project in the over 90-year history of the company. The new Phoenix Contact building in Bad Pyrmont was moved into in recent months after taking 18 months to build. It will be officially inaugurated on 5 May by Minister President Stephan Weil.

In addition to the urgently required office and laboratory spaces, the newest building at the Dringenauer Straße site is also important as a demonstration site: thanks to the use of automation and smart technology, Phoenix Contact is able to demonstrate the benefits of a building management system to interested customers and other visitors.

The building has four floors and comprises 18,000 square meters. An internal atrium reaches up through all the floors. The glass roof and fully glazed rooms, balustrades, and exposed staircase offer a great deal of transparency and light and provide views across all levels. On the first floor, a large exhibition area shows various Phoenix Contact products and solutions in different sectors. Surrounding conference rooms, a lounge, and a large open space serve as areas for events of all kinds. In the three upper floors, there are offices, laboratories, conference rooms, and informal meeting spaces. A plaza on the first floor is equipped with seating and a counter serving hot and cold drinks is a central meeting point.

The building automation was implemented with hardware and software from the Phoenix Contact Group. It improves the level of comfort at work as well as energy efficiency. In addition to it being possible to individually adjust the temperature and light of each workspace, motion detectors and light sensors automatically switch the lighting on and off. The climate control and shading of the building also run automatically, and faults are indicated by telephone. All employees can check whether conference rooms and other small workspaces are engaged using the intranet colour coding system. When it comes to efficiency, the maximized capture of all building data ensures that consumption can be checked and evaluated at any time. Almost every day, various groups of visitors come to the site to see how they can follow the example application in their own buildings.


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