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designplan CPD Seminars

design plan lighting


Vandal Resistant Lighting
This seminar provides an overview and understanding of vandal resistance in light fittings. It helps the specifier understand the European test processes for the strength of a light fitting. Advice on materials and sustainability as well as whole life cost.

Lighting Controls
The aim to give participants a better understanding of types of lighting controls in common use and how they can be used to assist in improving the energy conservation of buildings. It includes a section on Part L of the Building Regulations which makes specific reference to the use of lighting controls.

Guide to Current Office Lighting Standards
This seminar provides detailed information to allow the architect or specifier to better understand the current codes of practice and guides that apply to lighting offices. It gives historic information which details how the various guides have come into being. It will assist in the application of good practice with regard to office lighting.

Designplan Factory Tour:
How the Latest Manufacturing Techniques can Aid Lighting Design

Learn about the commercial benefits to be derived from manufacturing skills and techniques and how knowledge of those areas can enable the designer to benefit his client for improved quality, sustainability and efficiency.

An Introduction to LED Lighting
This introduction to LED lighting provides an understanding of the emerging use of LED lighting for both commercial projects and general lighting solutions. Additionally the technical developments associated with LED lighting and an overview of how these developments are driving product innovation for use by specifiers.

All of these presentations have been assessed in conjunction with RIBA and have RIBA accreditation. Participants are awarded 4 hours for the Designplan tour and 1 hour for each of the other CPDs......and we will be happy to provide lunch!

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Light for Learning- a technical help presentation
With a myriad of various legislations and guidelines published- ranging from European Directives and industry bodies to the partnership for schools pro–gram- how do you know where to look and what parts are relevant to you? Fagerhults new CPD seminar extracts and simplifies the wealth of information which has to be taken into account when planning an educational building- whilst providing helpful tips on how lighting can play an important part in educational sustainability.

Understanding Light and Colour
Investigates theory of coloured light and aims to promote a better understanding of colour and colour in lighting and, in broad terms, the various design alternatives which are available to the specifier.

Lighting - the Design Perspective
Explores the subject of lighting from the basics of design, current technology to future trends, where the focus shifts to lighting design issues including; lamp types, their characteristics and how they fit with design schemes.

Visual Ergonomics
Looks at how lighting can contribute to a comfortable working environment. Modern offi ces now combine numerous functions within a single space where flexible lighting solutions are necessary.

Part L - Building Regulations 2006
Discusses the main changes recently introduced. These include requirements for an overall building energy calculation of which lighting forms a part, plus a tightening up on the energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings. The definition of office areas has also been expanded to incorporate educational areas such as classrooms. Tighter demands on energy efficiency in dwellings include requirements of one low energy fitting for every four incandescents installed.

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John Cullen CPD Seminars



John Cullen Lighting have been acredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to present Continuing Professional Development lectures (CPD) to architects and trade professionals.

Two talks are now offered as follows:-

1.  Designing with Light covering the following:-

-  How to use different light sources including the latest LED and energy efficient products
-  Latest Building Regulations examined
-  Where to position fittings for optimum effect
-  Layering of light for added interest and flexibility of  mood
-  Circuiting, control and integration for maximum impact
-  Finessing of lamps, lenses and control to maximise the scheme

2.  How to light Grade Listed Buildings covering the following:-

-  Variables in lighting listed buildings
-  Working with the fabric of the building/understanding limitations and possibilities
-  Thinking outside the box to enhance architectural features
-  Selection of appropriate luminaries and bespoke options
-  Review of traditional concepts with modern fittings to maintain the historical value across a variety of our projects

Each will last 45 minutes with 15 minutes questions.  Back-up literature and refreshments will be available.  Seminars can be organised all over the UK, though a vist to our interactive showroom is recommended to see light in action.

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Light IQ CPD Seminars



Light IQ have been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the British Interior Design Association (BIDA) to present Continuing Professional Development lectures (CPD) on Lighting to trade professionals.

We have created a series of specific and informative lectures with both practical and theoretical elements to provide a clear understanding of the different lighting considerations within domestic and commercial projects.

These intimate lectures are held frequently throughout the year to Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape practices on a variety of lighting related topics.

Our lighting lectures include:

 - Energy Efficient Lighting: Part L1a of the Building Regulations April 2006.
   How to incorporate the new regulations effectively within your designs

 -  Light Effects: Illuminating Architectural Details And Creating Intriguing Effects With Light

 -  Exterior Illumination: How to integrate exterior lighting to a garden

 -  Kitchen Illumination: Identifying and designing of layers of light needed within a kitchen space

 -  Bathroom Illumination: Understanding the new Ingress Protection rating within your designs.

 -  Light and Health: How to balance of artificial and natural daylight to help to benefit our everyday lives.

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Lutron is committed to helping you find new ways to save energy.
This presentation introduces you to Lutron, the company and its products, and gives you a deeper understanding of light
control, both electronic and natural.

Once you have read it you will have a compelling story to tell your customers and the tools to bring your projects to life.
– 10 things to know about Lutron
– Active design through lighting control
– Lutron lighting control brought to life
– Architectural

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MID Career College CPD Seminars

mid career college


A wide variety of CPD training courses on technical topics are available through our training arm, Mid Career College. The College has been the major provider of building services training in the UK for over 20 years. The courses are continually updated to offer training solutions on most subjects. We are also able to run these courses as in-house events which can often be tailored to match specific requirements. Most courses are one day but we also hold some more in depth 3 day courses on core engineering topics.

The main areas we offer training in are as follows:

- Air conditioning
- Building services legislation and regulations
- Business management
- Cooling
- Controls
- Electrical services
- Energy efficiency and sustainability
- Fire safety
- Facility management
- Heating
- Lighting
- Lifts
- Public health and water
- Project Management

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Mitsubishi Electric CPD Seminars

mitsubishi ac


Mitsubishi Electric is accredited by the Construction CPD Certification Service in many different areas.  For a full list, see below:

1) - VRF Intelligent Air Conditioning - The Business Case for City Multi 
2) - The Principles of Air Conditioning 
3) - Air Conditioning and the Environment 
4) - Part L and Air Conditioning 
5) - The Latest in Air Conditioning 
6) - Controls in Air Conditioning - Part 1 
7) - Controls in Air Conditioning - Part 2 
8) - The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme 
9) - The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 
10) - Guide to Part L 
11) - Guide to Mixed Mode Cooling Systems 
12) - Guide to Building Energy Management Systems 
13) - Water Cooled VRF Systems 
14) - Total Heat Exchange Ventilation
15) - R410A
16) - Legislative Developments for Sustainable Buildings
17) - Guide to the European F-Gas Regulation
18) - The New Part L of the Building Regulations 2006
19) - The New 10% Renewable Energy Target
20) - Heat Pump Boilers
21) - Part F of the Building Regulations
22) - The New Code for Sustainable Homes
23) - Renewable Energy Solutions Seminar - all day event
24) - Responsible Air Conditioning / Lowering Carbon Emissions
25) - Building Energy Ratings
26) - Renewable Energy Sources
27) - The WEE Directive
28) - Combineed Heat and Power
29) - Carbon Reduction in the Built Environment
30) - Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme (Update)
31) - Application of Heat Pump Boilers
32) - Low Carbon Solution Seminer - all day event
33) - The Need for Sustainable Heating - 1 hour
34) - Sustainable Cities
35) - Sustainability Legislation
36) - Microgeneration
37) - BREEAM


Mitsubishi Electrical Air Conditioning course details


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Office Electrics CPD Seminars

office electrics


Seminar details:

Enables architects to specify power and cable management in office furniture.

Provides information on standards and regulations.

Illustrates methods for safe provision of cable management in office furniture.
Allows discussion on operational requirements.

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REHAU CPD Seminars



Installation of power and data in Cable Management Systems

This cable management seminar combines into a single easy to understand session all technical considerations required for the design and installation of power and data services within the same or adjacent cable management systems (CMS). It also gives an updated overview of the Regulations and Standards governing these types of installations and shows cost effective ways of meeting their requirements. The contents of this CPD are applicable to different CMS including trunking, basket and cable tray, powerpoles etc.

Target Audience
Mechanical and Electrical engineers
Building control officers

To be arranged upon request

At customer premises or at any REHAU location

Number of Delegates
Up to 12 people per session


- Data cables and its relation with network

- Roadmap of regulations and standards directly affecting cable management

- Updated EN50174 (2008) Telecommunication installation requirements affecting;
- Pathway systems (planning and installation)
- Minimum bend radius
- Segregation between power and data (new distances)
- Termination points

- New BSEN 50085-2-1 “Cable trunking systems"

- Cable capacity considerations according to UK power and European data standards

- Visual contrast and control location requirements as per Building Regulations


Rehau CPD course details


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Snaplite CPD Seminars



The Presentation includes:

Building Regulations:
Part B (Fire) and its revision,
Part E  (Acoustics)
Robust Details Structures
Part P

NHBC Guidance
“Downlighters in ceilings below roof spaces”

Downlighter sealing
Part C (BS5250  Control of Condensation)
Part L  Air-tightness Testing

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WLS CPD Seminars

west london security


West London Security provides Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminars on Security and Fire Systems for architects. CPD is the requirement that professionals continue their education and training every year after they qualify. 

West London Security offers a number of seminars covering various aspects of the Security and Fire Industry.

Each seminar is based on the recommendations of the RIBA CPD Providers Network.

All seminars are an educational and informative and not product-related as West London Security is not a manufacturer.


Access Control Systems

- Introduction to access control

- Products and manufacturers

- Aesthetics


- Identification devices

- Installation companies


Duration: 45 minutes


West London Security CPD course details


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