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CEDIA CPD Seminars



Entitled "Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes", CEDIA's CPD course aims are to ensure that homes are usefully connected internally and externally to electronic and data services for the foreseeable future; to provide an understanding of the basic techniques and the terminology of Custom Installation; to reveal what's possible in home electronic design; and to ensure that architects, designers, specifiers and developers know who to ask when they need help in a particular area.


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COLT CPD Seminars

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Colt offers unrivalled expertise and experience in delivering solutions for its customers, which is enabled by a two-way dialogue on key issues and practical needs.

Colt's CPD programme is an essential part of that continuing process. Over the past two years more than 2,000 people have taken part in approximately 180 such seminars.

Each of CPD seminars have been officially approved by the CPD Certification Service and are listed on their website, http://www.cpduk.co.uk/.

As time is precious, seminars may be held at your offices at a time to suit you. Usually this is over lunchtime with a lunch provided by Colt. Each seminar normally lasts around one hour. We also offer CPD at our headquarters in Havant, where you may visit our Manufacturing and Design and Test Facilities.

Attendees are provided with full supporting documentation and Certificates of Attendance are awarded on completion of the seminar.

- Car Park Ventilation

- Louvre Systems

- Natural Ventilation Systems

- Smoke Pressurisation Systems

- Smoke Ventilation Using Shafts

- The General Principles of Smoke Control

- Water Source 'WRF' Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems


Colt CPD courses


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ELTA Fans CIBSE-Accredited CPD Seminars

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CIBSE-Accredited CPD Seminars

Smoke Ventilation

Impulse Ventilation for Car Parks


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Emergi-Lite CIBSE-Accredited CPD Seminars


We can offer CPD seminars that have the specific aims of providing you with the critical and relevant facts on changes in legislation, the impact on you and your business, effective methodologies to simplify implementation and ways of reducing overall labour and maintenance costs. All of our training seminars are CIBSE-accredited, so you are able to broaden your knowledge under their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, gaining the skills necessary for you to stay ahead of your profession. Seminars can be held at your premises at a date and time of your choosing.

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Somfy registered RIBA approved CPD Seminars



Complying with Building Regulations Part L2 through dynamic facade management

Our free CPD entitled "Complying with Building Regulations Part L2 through dynamic facade management" aims to provide architects and specifiers aware of the business case for installing automated solar shading with an overview of Building Regulations Part L2. Demonstrating how control systems for motorised blinds can help with compliance with L2 by regulating light and controlling fluctuating temperature levels. At the same time providing comfort to building occupants, reducing energy consumption and operating costs on heating and cooling.

Somfy offer a one hour seminar over the lunch time period to architectural practices across the UK. We also offer an in-house seminar at our office in London, which has a dedicated training centre for those wishing to learn more about automation.

Refreshments are provided, along with full supporting documentation and Certificates of attendance on completion of the seminar.


Copies of current and previous presentations are available to download:

* Achieving compliance with electric heating and part L CPD

* Heat pump PDF presentation - Heating that doesn’t cost the Earth

* CfSH and Electric Heating Presentation - Autumn 08


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Gent’s CPD seminars

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Gent’s CPD seminars continue to be recognised as the fire industry’s principal education forum. The comprehensive programme of CPD seminars for Designers, Installers and End Users, have all been accredited with CPD Certification

Don't be Alarmed!
A guideline for designers on the use of VA/PA systems and how they are used in conjunction with a fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839-8: 2008

Watching the Detectors
This presentation takes a detailed look at sections 21 & 22 of BS5839-1:2002 which covers the various types of detectors, their selection and siting.

Comply Don't Fry
The effect on the requirements of the provision of a fire detection system within a premise, in light of new Legislation, Building Regulations and changes to current Standards.

Raising the Standard
An overview of BS 5839-1:2000, the code of practice for the fire detection system design and installation in the UK and maintenance responsibilities during the life of the system.

Playing with Fire
Details on the provision of a new fire alarm system and reasons why over 90% of systems installed today do not comply to the current British Standard.

Striking the Balance
Guidelines for reducing false alarms without compromising the rapid detection of real fires.

Protect your Investment
The vital role of maintenance to protect your people and property, and your investment.

Fire! What Fire?
A guideline for designers on the use of sounders and how they are used within an advanced fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839 Part 1: 2002.

Breaking the code: Fire Safety in the NHS
The impact on the requirements of the provision of a fire detection system within NHS healthcare premises, in light of the NHS Firecode HTM 05-02, British Standards and Codes of Practice.

Shut that Door
A guideline to the monitoring and activation of door release mechanisms controlled by a Fire alarm system, incorporating the recommendations of BS7273 part 4: 2007

What? No Wires!
To provide an understanding of what considerations need to be made when installing ‘in full’ or ‘in part’, a fire detection system that relies on ‘wire or wire free’ technology to link the component parts.

Central Battery Systems
Examines the applications that central supply systems can be used for along with information on the components, wiring and testing requirements that should be carried out in order to ensure it
complies with the relevant standard

Open, Closed... Confused?
A CPD guide to the Protocol argument within the fire alarm industry.


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Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminars

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Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar -Electric Heating

• The History of Electric Heating
• Electric Heaters - how they work
• The benefits of Electric Heating
• Products and Applications
• Questions

The seminar explains how electric heating evolved, how the current products work and the benefits of a dry system over a wet system.

The seminar also covers which products are suitable for the various commercial and domestic space. The delegates will also be made aware of the generic products currently available and how to size and site the different heaters, taking into consideration safety and Building Regulations


Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Energy Efficient Commercial Ventilation

• The Key Energy Market Drivers
• Energy and Legislation
• Energy Efficient Technology Overview
• Demand Ventilation
• Motor Technology
• Control Strategies
• Sensor Control
• Applications

This Seminar covers energy efficient ventilation, sensors and controls driven by the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations. It explains the technology behind the highly efficient EC/DC motor and how it can help meet Specific Fan Power requirements.
The seminar introduces Demand Ventilation that allows single & twin fan in - line ventilation systems be controlled through a range of switches & sensors to match airflow with air quality requirements. Various applications are demonstrated using animated examples.
The seminar duration is 1 hour.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Part F Energy Efficient Solutions

• Part L Overview
• SAP 2006
• Part F1 Ventilation Requirements
• Energy Efficient MVHR Systems - the benefits
• Design Criteria
• Installation Best Practice
• Case Studies

This seminar will demonstrate the various ventilation solutions within the new AD F 2006 document. It will give specifiers an insight into the most energy efficient solutions to compliment Part L and demonstrate best practice in the design and installation of MVHR systems.

Case studies are used to show how MVHR systems can help in various situations such as noise ingress problems and energy efficient dwellings.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Combating Allergy in the Indoor Environment

• Allergies: the facts
• Combating allergies in the indoor environment
• The processes:
• The Treatment
• Clean Air Systems
• Monitoring the results:
• The Clinical Trials
• The Case Studies

This presentation will look at the impact of poor indoor air quality in our homes and workplaces and how it is affecting our health. It explains why allergies to the House Dust Mite and other sources have increased six-fold since the 1970's and how these allergies can effect our daily lives.

The treatment is a simple matter of good practice housekeeping to reduce the allergen load coupled with ventilation and filtration to reduce humidity levels and inhibit Dust Mite re-infestation.

The seminar concludes with report on recent and current clinical trials that prove that this treatment can reduce the allergen load and show significant savings on asthma drug usage.Case studies are used to show how lives have been improved since implementation of the treatment and references are made to the conclusions of the CEDAR (Centre for Environmental Design and Research) report.

Vent-Axia CIBSE Approved Seminar - Factory Visit
• Vent-Axia Company Overview
• Product Presentation
• Visit to Vent-Axia Departments:
• Laboratory and SMT Approvals
• Production
• Cad Design Department
• Sales
• Summary and Wrap-up

This factory visit will provide a valuable insight into how a ventilation company runs, right through from research and development to customer after-care. It will demonstrate how ventilation systems are developed with regard to safety, legislation compliance and sustainability. The CPD value is rated at 4 hours and will be both informative and educational Refreshments will be provided and relevant handouts will be given to delegates.

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Cooper Lighting and Safety CPD Seminar - LED

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LED - The certain future of artificial lighting

LED lighting to date is widely associated with dynamic coloured light effects in nightclubs and bars, but as this technology rapidly advances, it now also offers several major benefits in a variety of less glamorous commercial lighting applications. Cooper Lighting’s RIBA approved CPD seminar will help you to understand how LED lighting can provide a dynamic edge to your designs, how to select LED luminaires and how they can help to address today’s energy and through life demands.


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Cooper Lighting and Safety


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Legrand CPD accredited seminars

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CPD accredited seminars

By no means an exhuastive list, here are some of the topics covered in our CPD accredited seminars :

• Door entry and access control
• Cable management floor systems
• Home networks : an introduction to structured wiring

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C-TEC offers the following free-of-charge training courses

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C-TEC offers a wide range of free-of-charge training courses and CPD certified seminars.



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MK CPD Seminars

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Cable Containment Options
A review of all the cable containment options and standards currently available.

The 'L' in control
A review of the requirements for lighting controls under Part L of the Building Regulations, the options available and the effectiveness of the solutions – both in terms of compliance and cost efficiency

HIE and Understanding 607
A review of Section 607 of BS 7671, the reasons behind it, the requirements and ways of complying with it.

Understanding Part M
A review of Part M of the Building Regulations for England & Wales in the areas concerning electrical accessories.

It's Not Only Part P
A review of the Building Regulations for England & Wales and the areas concerning electrical installations.

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