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Vandal Resistant Lighting
This seminar provides an overview and understanding of vandal resistance in light fittings. It helps the specifier understand the European test processes for the strength of a light fitting. Advice on materials and sustainability as well as whole life cost.

Lighting Controls
The aim to give participants a better understanding of types of lighting controls in common use and how they can be used to assist in improving the energy conservation of buildings. It includes a section on Part L of the Building Regulations which makes specific reference to the use of lighting controls.

Guide to Current Office Lighting Standards
This seminar provides detailed information to allow the architect or specifier to better understand the current codes of practice and guides that apply to lighting offices. It gives historic information which details how the various guides have come into being. It will assist in the application of good practice with regard to office lighting.

Designplan Factory Tour:
How the Latest Manufacturing Techniques can Aid Lighting Design

Learn about the commercial benefits to be derived from manufacturing skills and techniques and how knowledge of those areas can enable the designer to benefit his client for improved quality, sustainability and efficiency.

An Introduction to LED Lighting
This introduction to LED lighting provides an understanding of the emerging use of LED lighting for both commercial projects and general lighting solutions. Additionally the technical developments associated with LED lighting and an overview of how these developments are driving product innovation for use by specifiers.

All of these presentations have been assessed in conjunction with RIBA and have RIBA accreditation. Participants are awarded 4 hours for the Designplan tour and 1 hour for each of the other CPDs......and we will be happy to provide lunch!

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