IP65 and IP40 Electronic Release Swinghandles from EMKA

emka access controlThe EMKA program of electronic access control locks continues to expand with these two new swinghandles which integrate with the proven EMKA ELM system so enabling remote unlocking and access logging. These are likely to find application in indoor electronic racks, data centres, server cabinets, co-location cabinets etc, as well as outdoor telecomms cabinets, e.g. in remote situations where lack of keys and remote unlocking are seen as signficant advantages.
The standard 1150 IP40 version features industry standard dual rectangular hole punchings (50x25mm) to speed fitting, as well as removable cylinder cover for manual unlock overide if needed. Normal operation is by remote release with a green LED indicating unlocked condition which remains active for up to 1 minute before automatically re-locking to prevent the cabinet being left in "open" condition. Closure is then manually effected by simply pushing the swinghandle back into the escutcheon.

The external use 1154 IP65 version additionally features a high degree of weather protection in a standard 170mm escutcheon and extra key possibilities for either standard EK type cylinder or with KABA Micron Plus pin type cylinder for further security.


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