sh lighting CarolliteWith Designers, Retail Operations Managers, and Facilities Managers placing an ever increasing emphasis on energy saving and maintenance costs SH Lighting has introduced the new Carollite LED to their rapidly increasing portfolio.

Boasting a massive 75% more efficiency than the halogen device it is designed to replace, the Carollite delivers a high quality, excellent warm white ambient light, and offers Interior Designers, Merchandisers and Retail Architects a real alternative to conventional product display lighting.

Consequently Designers were reluctant to use LED lighting in certain applications where accurate reproduction of colours were crucial; for example concealed cabinet lighting in kitchens and bathrooms and retail display cases. In these applications you need skin tones to look normal not washed out, raw meat to look fresh not off, and your clothes or make up to look like the colour they really are!

However the LED’s that SH Lighting use in the Carollite has a CRI (colour rendering index) of 93 which means that it gives a very good reproduction of red coolers. Skin tones look natural and red colours are reproduced faithfully.


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