ACI Warning Follows Discovery of Quality Problem with Armoured Cable

Having warned contractors last month (June) about concerns it has with a further cable product the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has issued more details of the quality problem found in armoured cables manufactured by Demes Kablo of Turkey.

Further investigations and testing have revealed problems with the zinc coating on steel armour wire in certain batches of small armoured cables produced by the Demes Kablo.  A UK customer earlier alerted the ACI to its fears about this cable in June; the ACI understands now that following an investigation by BASEC affected cable could date back to 2010.

The armoured cable, which has BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables) approval, is now subject to wider checks by the manufacturer and although the manufacturer knows the cause of the problem, the ACI is advising contractors to remain vigilant and to follow its advice on purchasing cable.

Peter Smeeth, spokesperson for the ACI said: “We have concerns with the timescales involved here as the manufacturer carries out further tests to verify the scale of the problem. In the meantime we are advising contractors who have purchased armoured cables from Demes Kablo of Turkey in the past two years to contact their supplier or the manufacturer to ensure the batch of cable is not one of those at risk.

“Although Demes Kablo is in the process of assessing batches of cable we once again are unsure what quantities of cable are involved and how many customers will be affected. As we learn more about this we will provide further information.”

The ACI is informed that Demes Kablo has contacted its UK and Irish customers requesting they have their cable tested and cleared before being sold on. “ UK and Irish distributors should be contacting their customers to warn them about the problem, and make them aware of any checks that may be required,” continued Mr Smeeth.

Anyone suspecting that they may hold batches of affected cables should contact their supplier or Demes Kablo directly – their contact details can be found at

For further information about the ACI call us on 020 8946 6978 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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