Save Money, Control Energy Use, Look Fabulous Inline with Government Targets

Leading home development TV programmes have featured radiators and systems in their recent series of the highly successful Melinda Messengers Cowboy Builders and 60 Minute Makeover.

Thetford based innovative IntelliHeat has been investing in new heating products that respect the environment and energy reductions that now meet and beat the new governments emands.  This has been achieved with patented ACS heating technology.  The products that have been created are beautiful, discreet, elegant, controlled and measured.  The create warmth and comfort in an affordable eco-friendly way.  Already these heating systems are used by the masses in Europe, who are way ahead of the UK in their achievements of cost and green energy consumption. Italian born Managing Director Salvatore Cirasuolo is the design and technology brain this business and now lives in the UK.  “In France, where my business began, 11 million people use electricity as their main source of heating.  Our cutting edge products are very popular and we sell millions of units each year in Europe.  We always saw the UK as a strong market for our products because of the reliance here that is on fossil fuel. We have become very successful in the UK dealing with large companies on large projects, but now is the time for our products to be made known to everyone in the UK, due to the rising costs of other heat sources as well as the government directives.  Two key home improvement shows are featuring our radiators and full controllable heating systems in their next series this will bring the publics attention to the new ways to heat their homes in the no to distant future.  Melinda Messenger’s Cowboy Builders and 60 Minute Makeover beginning in February 2012.”

Electricity stands today more convincingly than ever as the energy efficient, low carbon, future-proof heating system of choice.  As the industry evolves Intelli heat have lead the way with high levels of R&D investments creating cutting edge effective and affordable electric heating systems. In the warm showroom, these radiators can be seen and therefore fully appreciated. The cost savings of a massive 30% comes from three key technology advancements: firstly the technological patented core elements inside each radiator drastically reduces the consumption, secondly the measuring of energy from a wireless touch screen control panel and thirdly from the control of the heat room by room, for example, bedrooms only need to be heated sporadically, while living areas need heating for longer, creating heating zones.  Zoning is the principle of dividing a house into distinct areas for which the homeowner and family has different living needs. Every radiator becomes a unique programmable system. – the electric lifestyle is now within our grasp.

The radiators can be used to supplement or replace any oil, lpg or old electric storage heaters.  There is simply no plumbing required or maintenance costs.  They are as quick and simple as plug in and turn on.  The complete range is comprehensive with towel rails and radiators in varying output sizes and styles to suit all rooms.  You can begin to sample the benefits of a Needo radiator just by supplementing the odd rooms in your house that need additional heating at just certain times of the day, such as a home office, extensions or bathroom, bringing you maximum comfort with minimum energy.  See the savings for yourself before you invest in a whole system or go green in a day and transform your home to the modern futuristic comfort that you will wish you’d had years ago.

Intelli Heat

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