High Power Stud Terminals

The new CONTA-CLIP HSKG range from OEM Automatic now allows power connections of up to 300mm2 rated at 520A. These compact studs are available with M10, M12 & M16 studs that are rated at 1000V.  

The conductors are held securely with the aid of a safety/spring washer, making for a maintenance free installation.

The new style hinged covers provide an outstanding finger and touch proof connection.  The cover is easy to mount; it simply snaps into the side walls of the stud terminal as it is closed.  In this quick and reliable way, a touch-safe protection of all the terminal points is always guaranteed.

•    Rated at 269A to 520A
•    TS35 or direct mount
•    2 and 3 pole cross connects
•    Lug or busbar direct connection
•    VO (UL94) flammability rating


OEM Automatic

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