Transformation of Middlesbrough's Hub by Indal WRTL

A town square at the heart of Middlesbrough has recently been illuminated with LED lighting by Indal WRTL following an impressive transformation.

Middlesbrough is undoubtedly the heart of the Teesside conurbation and the modern `capital' of the area. It has been described as the `oldest new town' in England and was founded on the steel industry.

As part of the national economic reform, Middlesbrough Council targeted areas of the town ripe for redevelopment, demonstrating Middlesbrough’s positive approach to creating a thriving social and business community. Middlehaven is one such vicinity, which is currently being modernised to attract new business. The renovation includes integrating purpose built offices to create a digital and creative hub where fledgling companies can network and generate business.

Zetland Square is a strategic link between Middlesbrough town centre and Middlehaven. It is a well established pedestrian thoroughfare that connects these two intense business focal points and rail passengers from Middlesbrough station. The square is dominated by Crown house, a former government building currently being remodelled to offer contemporary multi-purpose retail and office accommodation. Once completed, the facility will create a centre for thriving entrepreneurs and provide the Square with a contemporary feel.

By night, the appearance of the square is transformed as it is illuminated by a variety of white lighting from the Stela range of LED luminaires. The excellent uniformity provided across the square eradicates intimidating shadows, actively encouraging an increase in night time pedestrian use, which is hoped will boost economy into the evenings.

Stela luminaires were selected as they require little maintenance and achieve high energy savings. The project architect chose a combination of Stela Square, Long, Round and Disq to transform the space at night and create a relaxed, safe atmosphere.

Another strategic link to Middlehaven is Albert Bridge, An historic rail bridge which is located just along from Zetland Square. This area is also in the process of being remodelled and landscaped. Once completed Stela street lighting and T-line LED tunnel lighting will be installed to provide a more attractive, user-friendly route.

Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive Councillor for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:
“The redevelopment of Crown House and Zetland Square is a significant step in the town’s regeneration. It is the digital media, digital technologies and creative industries quarter in the heart of Middlesbrough and is like no other - a radical, beautiful combination of refurbished Victorian buildings and stunning new design. A genuine creative hub where new businesses, established successful companies and support agencies work together.”

Following the success of this project, Middlesbrough Council is considering installing Stela and Luma LED lighting along Linthorpe Road and the surrounding shopping areas.

Energy Calculations
150W CDM-T = 167W x 8 = 1336W
70W CDM-T = 86W x 8 = 688W
150W SON-T = 172W x 6 = 1032W
Total installed watts previously = 3056W

10 LED    =    12W x 4    =    48W
14 LED    =    17W x 4    =    68W
24 LED    =    28W x 1    =    28W
36 LED    =    42W x 4    =    168W
52 LED    =    61W x 4    =    244W
Total LED installed Watts =  556W

Energy saving = 2500W
% Energy Saving = 82% energy saving.
Carbon saving = 2500/1000*4150*0.544/1000*25 = 141.1 Tonnes CO2 over life


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