Furse Ensure Customers Don’t Strike it Unlucky with Updates to British Standards for Lightning Protection

lightning strikeWith the recent technical review to the four parts of the British Standard for lightning protection, BS EN 62305:2006, Furse are providing key support to ensure customers know and understand the implications involved in conducting lightning protection.

So far, the recent BS EN technical review has resulted in the update and republishing of three parts of the standard, as follows:
•    BS EN 62305-1:2011 General principles
•    BS EN 62305-3:2011 Physical damage to structures and life hazard
•    BS EN 62305-4:2011 Electrical and electronic systems within structure

Whilst there have been no significant changes to parts 1, 3 and 4, the key additions or adjustments are provided in our new Furse datasheet, available via our website www.furse.com.

With the changes now implemented as of the 27 May 2012 the 2006 Edition of these three parts has been withdrawn and therefore the new 2011 Edition should now be followed.

The update to part 2 of the standard (risk management) is expected by the end of this year. Until this is published, risk assessment calculations for lightning protection should follow BS EN 62305-2:2006. Further information will be provided on part 2 once it is released.

“We believe that education is key. It is fundamental to our success, the development of our company and most importantly our industry, ensuring that BS EN 62305 is implemented correctly.”

John Thomspon, Sales Director, Furse

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