Magdelan House Reaps Energy Savings with KNX

Magdelan House, an 80,000 sq feet office facility refurbished for Sefton Council, has been provided with an energy reduction of 50%.  As part of Sefton Council’s energy drive the requirement was for the operating philosophy to be changed to absence detection in the majority of the building, with movement detector override in other areas.

The installation features the Durable Technologies DLC 100 Intelligent Marshalling Box with Daylight harvesting. KNX UK member Electrak has supplied the Lightrak KNX lighting control system, comprising FFD050 Lighting Controls Modules and FFB040 Movement Detectors.

The absence detection function was not achievable with the Electrak system so an Ethernet Controller from WAGO - also a KNX UK member - was added with two WAGO KNX TP1 modules.  In addition, an interface to the intruder alarm was introduced to turn all lights off in the building when the alarm was set.
Meter readings for the building were taken for four weeks before the work was undertaken and again for four weeks after the work was completed.  The drop in the average weekly consumption represented annual savings of over 300,000 KW/h with a CO2 saving of over 167,000 Kg.

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