Siemens to Deliver Innovative Smart Grid Solution

Siemens has been awarded a contract by Northern Powergrid to deliver an innovative smart grid solution for the UK’s most advanced low carbon network project.

The project, which covers North East England and Yorkshire, will enable Northern Powergrid and the wider UK electricity industry to prepare for transformation of the electricity networks to help the UK meet its 2050 low carbon commitments. Meeting these targets will involve significant shifts in the way the UK delivers energy for heat and transport from carbon intensive methods (gas and oil) to a low carbon electricity network. Smart grid is key to this transformation as it will allow the network to deliver low carbon electricity where and when it is needed. The Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) project, awarded to Northern Powergrid as part of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network Fund can help lead the way in which the grid will be transformed.

Siemens will design, install, commission and support the comprehensive smart grid scheme, which will control 6MWh of energy storage. The project involves Siemens in delivering the Grand Unified Scheme Control System (GUS control system), a system which brings together multiple elements, allowing them to operate as a smart grid. Siemens will base its solution on its Spectrum PowerCC network management system technology to deliver the smart grid scheme. This is the first time Siemens will use this system in the context of a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in the UK.

Siemens’ system is to be installed in Northern Powergrid’s control centre for its advanced network optimisation algorithm. The system uses a hierarchical approach taking decisions at substation level and in the control centre to optimise operation of the network by use of energy storage, enhanced voltage control, real-time thermal rating and demand response.

Jim Cardwell, head of regulation & strategy at Northern Powergrid commenting on the contract award said: "We needed a solutions provider who could deliver an innovative solution, which encompassed experience of working with complex system integration, technology, as well as an ability to meet our demanding project deadlines. Siemens impressed us with their understanding of our needs, offering the right solution at the right price."

Siemens is part of the GB Smart Grid initiative and was a partner in UK Power Networks Low Carbon London project 2010-2012. Siemens is also part of the team delivering Western Power Distribution’s Project BRISTOL) and works as a partner to Electricity North West (Project CLASS) in the current round of submissions to Ofgem.

Colin Henry, business development manager at Siemens said: "We are delighted to be part of the Customer-Led Network Revolution project to develop one of the most ambitious smart grids ever in the UK. This is a project where we can leverage our solutions for sustainable cities and unique Environment Portfolio to help achieve the project’s low carbon objectives and deliver affordable electricity."

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