APT Skidata Launches New E-charging and Parking Interface

APT Skidata, the leading parking technology business, has launched an e-charging interface to integrate electrical vehicle charging with its proven SkiData Parking.Logic parking management system.

The new interface allows car park operators to provide their electrical vehicle customers with the opportunity to pay for their parking – and their EV charging – as part of the same transaction and with a single secure payment.

Sean Dunstan, Managing Director of APT SkiData, says that the new software is intended to remove barriers to the implementation of EV charging within the parking environment: “We know that car park owners and operators see a competitive advantage in being able to provide EV charging, but may have concerns over how the charging is paid for, and what further systems may be required,” he says.

“With our new interface, our APT SkiData payment technology can integrate seamlessly with EV charging systems – including the latest EVolt Multipoint charging system from our sister company APT Technologies – so the need for any additional payment hardware or software is removed, and operators can leverage even greater value out of any existing APT SkiData investment.”

The ticket (barcode, mag stripe or RFID) issued when entering the car park is the same ticket then used to initiate EV charging. The amount of electrical charge used is recorded on the card, and identified at the point of payment at the end of their stay, which means one ticket and one single payment for both services.

Detailed reports and analysis can be obtained from Parking.Logic, which will give one report for both charging and parking, and ensures full transparency of e-charging transactions throughout the parking facility.

The inclusion of e-charging means that car park operators can positively welcome EV drivers and promote the integrated payment as a point of competitive advantage: “There are positive marketing opportunities for a car park that is embracing future technologies to further improve the visitor experience,” Sean says.

“And there is peace of mind for the customer that their payments are handled in the same secure way they have come to expect from APT Skidata pay stations.”


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