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Friday, 29 January 2010 08:14

we-ef catalogueOver 600 pages of comprehensive lighting experience: the new WE-EF catalogue covers all product lines

A specialist in exterior lighting, WE-EF LIGHTING offers a wide variety of products for an extremely broad range of lighting applications ranging from inground uplights, recessed and surface-mounted wall and ceiling luminaires, pendant luminaires, bollard and pathway luminaires, post top luminaires and street and area lighting, projectors and floodlights to special applications such as underwater lighting.

The WE-EF product range comprises around 2000 luminaires, which can all be found in the new, 608-page 2010-2012 catalogue. Alongside a large number of new products, the catalogue also includes technical developments within the existing luminaire families, due to advances in reflector technology, electronic ballasts and new long-life, energy-saving lamps.

Further additions to the LED luminaire range

An important aspect of the WE-EF product range is the application of energy-efficient LED technology. Alongside new LED versions for existing products, WE-EF has also launched a new street lighting family for HID and LEDs: the RFL street and area lighting range. The One LED Concept OLC® with multi-layer technology stands at the centre of the LED streetlighting range. Developed and patented by WE-EF, OLC® ensures a precisely defined light distribution. Unlike the conventional multi-spot technique, the multi-layer approach has each individual LED illuminating the same area. The sum of all the layers guarantees uniformity matched with excellent visual comfort.

Application-oriented presentation

The new layout of the catalogue with numerous large-format examples of projects and applications supports the application-oriented presentation of WE-EF luminaires. All necessary technical information including lighting data, light distribution curves and accessories are also provided in a clearly structured and easy-to-follow format which gives you a simple and rapid overview. The section with general product information, lighting technology and project service, with an overview of lamps and a product index completes the catalogue.

The WE-EF hardcover catalogue is designed as a reference work and reflects the principle of durability: from design and engineering to production, application and every single step of a luminaires life cycle is based on environmental responsibility and the efficient use of resources.


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