A Journey of Discovery with Concord!

Discovery MuseumA new and improved lighting scheme at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, demonstrates the enduring benefits of Concord luminaires in the museum environment.

Driven by the advantages of energy efficiency and reduced maintenance achievable with LED, the new lighting installation incorporates several key areas of the museum and features Beacon and the multi award-winning Beacon Muse luminaires from Concord.

The Discovery Museum is a science and local history museum with many exhibits of local history, including examples of Joseph Swan's early light bulbs which were invented on Tyneside. A programme of on-going refurbishment has delivered improvements to many of the galleries at the museum, including the Entrance Gallery which houses the impressive Turbinia, the world’s first turbine-powered steam ship.  For many years the museum has used Concord track lighting, and continues to do so for its compatibility with both new and existing luminaires – a tremendous cost-saving benefit for the museum, as Phil Robinson, Customer Service and Facilities Manager at the museum relates:

“We have on occasions used other manufacturers but in some cases it became impossible to source compatible replacement fittings. This resulted in us having to replace track to accommodate new fittings, which comes with associated installation costs. Concord has provided us with a solution that was simple to install, cost effective and provides us with an aesthetically pleasing fitting design that was fully compatible with our existing lighting track. They were also able to provide us with support and advice for the whole project and continued after sales support and advice.”
The new Concord lighting scheme has lowered energy consumption and on-going maintenance by eliminating the need to replace failed lamps and therefore reducing the incidences of museum displays being unlit. The new luminaires feature in various galleries in the museum including the Entrance Gallery, Story of the Tyne Gallery, Ballroom Gallery, Soldiers Life Gallery and the Destination Tyneside Gallery which has recently been redesigned by Redman Design. Showcased throughout the museum are several products from Concord’s Beacon spotlight range, from Beacon 26w High Output in the high ceiling entrance gallery, through to the flexible award winning Beacon Muse in the smaller gallery spaces such as Destination Tyneside and Soldiers Life gallery.

Products used as below:
•    Beacon 26w High Output – offering clean, crisp light levels in the larger gallery spaces
•    Beacon Muse – providing flexibility between Spot and Flood depending on the exhibits requiring illumination
•    Beacon Recessed Adjustable, for suspended ceiling auditorium spaces

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