Lighting Is Part Of The Furniture At V&A

V&A furniture gallery Dr Susan Weber Gallery, a new furniture Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has an outstanding collection of British and international furniture from the 15th century to the present day.

The gallery is part of ‘FuturePlan’, the V&A's continuous programme of transformation, to tell the story of furniture production through the way each piece was made and the people who made it. The gallery has an energy efficient lighting scheme by Happold Lighting that features Beacon Muse by Concord.

Happold Lighting was appointed by the V&A to work with Nord Architecture to develop a low energy, contemporary lighting scheme for the new gallery space. The practice undertook a daylight analysis of the space, and to conserve the sensitive exhibits, natural light levels are balanced with discreetly positioned artificial lighting.  

Concord Beacon Muse spotlights are installed at high level within the space and are positioned in such a way as to reveal the forms and details of the diverse V&A furniture collection. The spotlights use warm, high colour rendering LEDs, each fitted with suitable filter, depending on the exhibit. Furthermore, each luminaire is fitted with a potentiometer to allow individual setting of light levels to allow visitors to fully appreciate the craftsmanship of the pieces.

“When we designed the lighting scheme for the new gallery we had a two-fold challenge – to create  a sense of daylight in the space for visitors while preserving but also revealing the exhibits in the best possible way,” says Laura Phillips, Lighting Director at Buro Happold. “Beacon Muse helped us achieve this and the use of LED played a significant contribution in us meeting our energy efficiency targets for the project.”

Concord Beacon Muse features an adjustable optic system which can deliver a wide flood 65˚ beam angle which can be adjusted down to a 10˚ spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors. The 10 degree tight spot is ideal for accent lighting for accentuating the texture, colour and shape of exhibits. Its 65 degree wide flood distribution can be optimised for uniform vertical and horizontal illuminance and wall washing effects. Also, when used with an elongation lens accessory it can create narrow beam angles for highlighting sculptures, mannequins, logos and shelving.

Available in 3000K & 4000K CCT with a high colour rendering index, Beacon Muse incorporates a discrete on board dimmer that provides control from 100% to 0%. There are also track dimming options and a choice of standard and high output models to suit any display or retail lighting application.

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