Phoenix Contact Adds New Universal Communications Module for I/O system

Communications modulePhoenix Contact is adding the AXL F RS UNI 1H communications module for RS232, RS485, and RS422 serial interfaces to the Axioline F I/O system.

Combining all three interfaces within a single module offers users lower inventory costs and requires less programming thanks to the use of standardized function blocks.

This communications module can process any kind of RS232 handshake signal and handles baud rates up to 250,000 baud. Whenever standard baud rates are insufficient, they can be adjusted as required. This makes it easy to implement customer-specific solutions that deviate from the standard configuration.

Variable transmission of user data via PDI objects (non-cyclical services for parameters, diagnostics, and information) facilitates easy data handling between the controller and the communications module. Furthermore, there are several protocols for optimum data transmission, such as ‘transparent,’ ‘end-to-end,’ and ‘XON/XOFF.’ Built-in Modbus RTU support ensures easy data sharing with Modbus RTU consumers, reducing processor loads particularly on compact controllers.

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