FDB Serves T Handles, Locks, Hinges and Cams “To Go” On The Bus Stop Bar

Leyland RoutemasterThe Leyland Routemaster, once so beloved of London Transport and its passengers may still be seen in service to a different kind of passenger, courtesy in part of hardware supplier FDB Panel Fittings.

This time serving as a mobile hospitality platform at venues around the country, i.e. a mobile “Bus Stop Bar”.

The converted double decker is used for functions, weddings, sporting events etc. and features externally a variety of stainless steel hinges, chrome T handles and bridge handles on the side opening access panels, which provide part of the bar area and cover. On internal cupboards there are a selection of hinges and quarter-turn locks, supplied assembled under the FDB Rocfast banner for ready installation, with differing cams.

The completed presentation is a delightful reminder of this style of public transport with a modern high quality finish.

“What’s yours? – I’ll have locks, handles and hinges to go please!”

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