Interface Solutions for the Process Industry

Interface SolutionsAs an integral part of the process in many plants, the Interface Level, if designed correctly, can increase efficiency and availability.

With the range from Phoenix Contact, there are products to suit all requirements and, in the case of upgrades and modifications, compared to comparable devices from our competition, the problem of utilising existing space and cabinet sizes is overcome with some of our compact and innovative modules.

MINI Analogue is the modular isolating amplifier system

- Mini width 6.2mm reducing rail space by 50 to 70%
- Intergrated Galvanic Isolation, 1 or 2 channels
- V8 Adapter and pre wired system cables to suit most control systems available to reduce installation costs

MACX Analogue – safe and high-performance signal isolating amplifiers. All modules are SIL-certified and are also available for the Ex area
- Safety Application (SIL) up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC/EN 61508
- Macx width 12.5mm reducing rail space up to 45% when compared to comparable devices

Controlling and monitoring a complex system requires a large number of signals. Wiring individually can lead to high installation and start-up costs with human error and testing being an unseen cost. Then add in additional high costs for upgrades or modifications and the Capex and Cost of ownership increases well beyond the initial figure.

The new termination carrier from Phoenix Contact is specifically designed to reduce the cost of engineering, installation, maintenance and future modification/upgrades by quickly and smoothly connecting isolating amplifiers. Used together with pre-assembled and tested system cables, the termination carrier design substantially reduces the assembly time and often tedious troubleshooting during start-up, therefore facilitating tasks such as the factory acceptance test (FAT) of entire control cabinets.

Written by Gordon McKechnie, Industry Manager for Process, Oil and Gas

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