Eaton MV Switchgear Chosen for Stockholm Rail Tunnel

SVS/08 MV switchgearDiversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has been chosen by Goodtech Projects & Services AB, a leading Swedish technology company, for its SVS/08 modular Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear for use in the Trafikverket’s City Line project based in Stockholm, which also includes the delivery of substations.

Trafikverket is the state-run Swedish Transport Administration, which has started a huge effort that will see commuter trains running through a new six kilometre tunnel, greatly increasing the capacity of the rail network in Stockholm and the surrounding area. The Stockholm City Line project is scheduled for completion by 2017.

The initiative involves the construction of two tunnels – a running tunnel for the trains and a service tunnel to act as an emergency escape route and to house ancillary equipment. Within the service tunnel, 11 substations operating at 22 kV will be provided. Goodtech Projects & Services has contracted Holtab AB, one of Scandinavia’s leading substation manufacturers, to build the substations. All these substations will be equipped with Eaton’s SVS/08 MV switchgear.

After carefully analysing the technical capabilities and value for money offered by MV switchgear from different potential suppliers, Eaton’s SVS/08 was selected. The SVS/08 and SVS/12 are among the brands approved for use in railway applications in Sweden and feature a modular design, which will allow for easy future expansion. The equipment was also chosen for its proven track record as a safe and reliable system, and for its use of vacuum interrupters in combination with solid insulation.

The vacuum interrupters offer long service lives and require no routine maintenance, while the high-quality epoxy resin insulation eliminates the risk of corona discharge and arc faults. A further benefit of this combination is that it eliminates the need to use SF6, which is noxious and a notorious greenhouse gas, as an insulator for the switchgear. This is particularly important for the City Line project, as the equipment will be installed in a tunnel where gas leakage would be especially problematic.

The first of the substations has recently been completed and has been subjected to extensive factory acceptance testing, during which it met all of its design targets. Goodtech Projects & Services AB is pleased with the performance of the substation, and is looking forward to seeing the equipment installed and in service in all eleven of the City Line substations.

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