Tunnelway Evacuation Lighting from Emergi-Lite

TunnelwayTunnelway is one of the few evacuation signage solutions for rail and road tunnels. With the Tunnelway range, Emergi-Lite now offers a complete range of exit signs and luminaires escape, evacuation and accent lighting.

Tunnelway was developed in close cooperation with tunnel operators, government authorities and installers to comply with latest European tunnel safety directives and tunnel safety (VRC) guidelines in the Netherlands.

Safety for users is key
Tunnel incidents in Switzerland, Austria and France show drastically the importance of tunnel safety programs. Human behaviour of road users during incidents is different than expected. Europe and UK have a large number of tunnels. In the future, with limited space above the ground, the number of tunnels and underground constructions will significantly grow to support mobility requirements around the world. Additionally, tunnel networks become more complex and tunnels longer, especially in dense urban area’s. With this complexity, keeping safety up to highest standards is key. The Tunnelway tunnel evacuation program was designed with this in mind

Higher demand on safety
Central theme related to safety levels in tunnels is the interaction between human behaviour and information services. Based on this new approach, European and national standards for tunnel safety were adjusted and the European Commission sharpened guidelines for minimum safety requirements for railway and road tunnels across Europe.

Designed with people in mind
Tunnelway offers a total solution developed on the basis of all current government requirements, combined with the requirements of installers, consultants and specialists. Tunnelway makes tunnels safe for road users and easy to maintain for those responsible for operating the tunnel. Tunnelway tunnel evacuation combines safety with advantages in installation, replacement and maintenance, resulting in lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The Emergi-Lite tunnel safety advisors will be pleased to further asist you with the TCO calculations to find the optimal solutions for your tunnel project.

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