Megaman Ahead of the Latest LED European Commission Directive

Megaman LED LampsWith the forthcoming implementation of the new EU Directive for energy labels with A-E ratings to be added to lamps and luminaire packaging from 1st September 2013 (applied from 1st March 2014). John Murphy, Managing Director of Megaman has confirmed that the company’s range of LED lamps are already graded with A or A+ ratings., with the new Megaman LED Economy Series being the first of its kind in the world to be rated A+.

John Murphy commented ‘Leading lighting manufacturers such as ourselves welcomed the enforcement of the 2012 EcoDesign regulation no.1194 for directional lamps, LED lamps and related equipment however our lamps already fulfilled the requirements’ he added.

The new energy label regulation, which is already used on a variety of household products such as white goods and also for house energy ratings, will now be applied to lamps and luminaires due to the increase in efficiency levels and will introduce classes from A++ to E.  Advantages of the new directive mean that irresponsible LED manufacturers will be eradicated, customer interests will be further protected and there will be new market opportunities due to the phase out of traditional light sources.

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