Individual Industrial WLAN Solutions

FL WLAN 5100 WLAN AccesspointIn tandem with the FL WLAN 5100 WLAN Accesspoint, Phoenix Contact is offering a wide range of accessories with the FL Rugged Box sets. These control box sets make it very easy to put together individual solutions for industrial-type field installations of WLAN systems.

The sets are based on housings with protection class IP 66, which already includes all the openings needed for the antennas and cables. With dimensions of 24 x 18 x 13 cm, the housing provides space not only for the Accesspoint but also for other devices such as a power supply, surge protector, and automation components. Some of the sets contain Omni-directional antennas that can be mounted directly on top of the control box, providing excellent MIMO operation within the N standard.

In addition, there are sets for 230 V operation featuring a range of antennas and matching connection cables.

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