Cutting power bills draws delegates to Marshall-Tufflex at Nemex

Saving money on heating and hot water bills proved a big draw for visitors to Marshall-Tufflex’s stand at the recent Nemex exhibition, with a large number of people interested in the manufacturer’s Domestic and Commercial Boiler Manager products

“The 20%* savings achievable with our Domestic Boiler Manager were very well received,” said Business Development Manager Kristie Donachie.

“A lot of people came on to our stand expressing the need to save money on their heating bills. We also had great interest in our newly launched Commercial Boiler Manager solution, including one enquiry for a number of units.

“Overall the caliber of visitors was very high and they were genuinely interested in our products and actively wanted to talk to us,” added Mr Donachie. “It worked well being able to walk people around the show stand, showing them the different solutions that we offer; many delegates were interested in several energy saving solutions.”

Marshall-Tufflex used Nemex to launch:
•    The new Commercial Boiler Manager system which digitally controls the firing cycle of gas, oil and LPG boilers, reducing unnecessary dry cycling. This typically cuts boiler running costs by 20% (subject to usage pattern) without compromising the maximum flow temperature set by the boiler thermostat or Building Management System (BMS). The Commercial Boiler Manager uses the principle of variable thermal response to achieve energy savings. It is particularly suited to boiler plants managed by a BMS, avoiding unnecessary replication of features such as optimum on/off and weather compensation already provided by the existing control system. The ‘self learning’ ability of the software accommodates seasonal variations in thermostat settings/changes a BMS may impose upon the system. It reduces fuel wastage caused by temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger and flue losses, whilst maintaining comfort levels and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Commercial Boiler Manager will be sold alongside the recently launched Domestic Boiler Manager unit. Marshall-Tufflex believes this system, which measures just 177mm x 120mm x 37mm, is the only domestic unit available with the option of an external weather sensor, which further increases savings potential.

•    A new range of UK manufactured, proven, power factor correction units offering significant, achievable energy savings. Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed by equipment, machinery etc. Through power factor correction, users can improve this efficiency, reducing the electrical current required to achieve the same result, saving money and increasing supply capacity from on-site transformers.

•    Developments of Marshall-Tufflex’s successful Voltis voltage optimisation range that are smaller, lighter and cost-effective for installations that do not require a bespoke, higher capacity VO solution. Already Marshall-Tufflex manufactures the Voltis 100Amp unit for single phase installations; the new systems allow more businesses, particularly SMEs, to benefit from significant energy and carbon reductions by quickly and easily installing a cost-effective voltage optimisation solution that is easy for building managers to site and straight forward for a qualified electrician to install.

Marshall-Tufflex also offers a wide range of energy management solutions for commercial applications, including appliance control products and Sinergy fixed/portable sub-metering devices all of which can communicate back to a Control Centre enabling live data to be visible via a personalised dashboard for complete management of energy saving technologies.


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