Are you worried about the security and availability of your power supply?

Quint UPSNo need to worry, Phoenix Contact has a variety of solutions to monitor and prevent potential supply problems!

Even a brief input voltage interruption can paralyse a system, often resulting in financial losses with an unplanned shutdown. Prevent this by choosing a tailor-made solution from our product range for DC and AC applications and keep your production running smoothly.

Traditional UPS solutions may keep your process running for a short while, but they give little or no diagnostic information on the system and in particular the state of the battery. Will it actually work when needed?

The Quint UPS-IQ uses Phoenix Contact’s newly developed IQ technology to remedy that situation and increase your system knowledge and availability.

Quint UPS-IQ is a rail-mounted uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that monitors a scalable battery solution and provides the user with critical data. The intelligent battery modules answer common reliability questions such as:

• Is the battery fully charged?

• How long will the battery backup last?

• Does the battery need replacing?

• Can the aging battery still supply the proper amount of energy?

IQ TechnologyThe IQ technology manages the battery status and displays all of the relevant data on the UPS’s front panel, or transmits it to a computer. As a result, the user always knows the charge state, remaining buffer time and expected lifetime.

For 24 V loads, the Quint UPS-IQ has output currents of 5, 10, 20, and 40 A. The AC version has an output power of 500 VA.

Other system features include alarm contacts, PC shutdown and re-start, triggering e-mails and event-logging. The entire system, including the battery modules, is UL 508 and 1778 Listed.

Use our selection tool to determine the correct UPS for your application.

‘With Quint UPS IQ we can guarantee you will always have power’

Other UPS solutions from Phoenix include:

•  QUINT BUFFER with 40 A output current that works with maintenance-free capacitors
•  TRIO UPS and MINI UPS combine a power supply and UPS controller in the same housing
•  STEP UPS, with a 3 A output current, uses an integrated LiPo-based battery

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