A Quantum Leap For Housing With Dimplex

Dimplex is helping housing professionals tackle fuel poverty and hit energy efficiency targets with the Quantum Energy System, a revolutionary and truly future-proof electric heating system which will be on show at the Chartered Institute of Housing annual conference and exhibition this June.

The Quantum Energy System is a complete ‘smart' space and water heating energy management system offering low cost, low carbon electric heating and hot water. Launched to great acclaim last year, it has already attracted a huge amount of interest from housing associations and local authorities.

The Quantum Energy System has been purpose-designed to enable low cost, zero carbon energy from renewable sources to be stored, ready for when it's needed in the form of highly controllable electric space and water heating.

The Quantum space heater is an ultra-efficient ‘smart' energy storage appliance able to draw the majority of its energy requirements from low-cost off-peak sources. Its superior performance can help gain additional SAP points for both new-build and refurbishment projects, and with running cost savings of up to 25 percent when compared with conventional static electric storage heating systems, it can help providers tackle the problem of tenant fuel poverty.

Importantly, the system is future-proof as it incorporates the facility to allow communication between Quantum appliances and the energy supply utility at some point in the future to make the most of off-peak tariffs and renewable energy when available. As the grid de-carbonises, the Quantum Energy System will continue to reduce in both running costs and carbon emissions.

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