Clynder Cables Relaunch Following Recent Acquisition By Davro Investments

Clynder CablesClynder Cables Ltd. a well known British cable company is relaunching itself after its recent acquisition by Davro Investments Ltd. the parent company of Permanoid Ltd, another well established British cable maker.

Allen Crossley the General Manager of Clynder Cables who has been with the company for over 25 years is delighted with the move. Allen says “I am extremely pleased that Davro Investments has been able to buy Clynder Cables as this has brought together two well respected British cable companies which hold the same values for top quality cable and outstanding service to customers.”

Clynder Cables was founded in Huyton, Merseyside in 1984 and quickly established itself as the leading brand for British made high quality tri-rated panel and switchgear wiring. In 2002 the company relocated to Manchester, where it was able to strengthen the distribution side of the business.

Clynder’s core business, for which it is best known, is Tri-rated panel wiring. Clynder covers all sizes, from 0.5mm2 up to 240mm2 with a wide range of colours in stock. Two features of these cables make the Clynder products stand out from the crowd of mainly imported competitors. The first is colour consistency with strong deep shades which do not fade and do not vary from one batch to the next. The second is the softness and flexibility, particularly of the larger sizes, from 16mm2 upwards. Clynder also supply double insulated tri-rated cables.

In recent years, the tri-rated range has been augmented by a “Superflex” range of highly flexible cables, using Class 6 conductors with sizes from 10mm2 up to 240mm2. These cables have remarkable properties of flexibility and bending radius. They are so flexible it is possible to tie a knot in the 240mm2 – the largest size superflex. This flexibility means that much shorter lengths can be used inside panels giving savings of cost and weight. Superflexes are also available with a double insulation.

Clynder also stocks a full range of 2491X and 2491B cables, the latter complying with BS7211 for cross linked zero halogen materials. There is a growing demand for 2491B as the market increasingly demands cables with a lower fume emission in a fire situation. This demand is likely to increase further as a result of the Construction Products Regulation which will come into effect in Europe in 2015.

These products can be supplied in a wide range of packaging from 50m reels up to 1000m reels or in barrels of up to 10km. Barrels are widely used by customers carrying out cable assembly operations. These barrels are made entirely of cardboard and can be crushed and sold for recycling after use.

Clynder are now working within the Davro Investments Group to extend their product range further. They have identified a market opportunity for top quality, fully compliant British-made products in two further areas. These are Equipment Wires to Def. Stan. 62-12 part 6 and Multicore Cables to Def. Stan 61-12 parts 4 and 5. The Equipment Wires are single core unsheathed and sheathed cables rated at 85°used for the internal wiring of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment. Most products on the market are currently of Asian origin and many fail to comply with the standard, particularly in the band marking of the bi-colours.

The Def. Stan. Multicores are produced as either “small”, with a conductor size of 16/0.2mm (Part 5) or “miniature”, with a conductor size of 7/0.2mm (Part 4). Both of these types may be unscreened, overall screened or individually screened. The screening is with a tinned copper braid and the conductors are tinned annealed copper. They are used for a variety of purposes in instrumentation, data processing and other electronic equipment. As with the equipment wires, most products on the market are of Asian origin and can have problems with the quality of band marking and screening. There can also be lengthy lead times when buying from a supplier in the Far East. This makes Clynder’s Manchester location ideal for customers wanting to source quality cable on short lead times.

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