GlassGuard® Leads the way with Lamp Standards

IEC 61549 Fragment Retention Lamp StandardThe IEC 61549 Fragment Retention Lamp Standard is the recognised industry standard for coated lamps. In the event of accidental breakage, such lamps retain glass fragments, preventing widespread contamination. 

First introduced in 2010, manufacturers have benefitted from a deferred timeframe to ensure that their products meet a required level, ensuring adequate safety and reliability throughout the trade.

From April 1, 2013, the IEC 61549 Standard will now become a manufacturing obligation for all shatterproof and fragment retention lamps manufacturers and any products falling short of this standard will be deemed ‘not fit for purpose’.

Tony Self, Quality Manager at GlassGuard®, producer of Europe’s widest range of industry–compliant fragment retention safety lamp coatings says, “contractors and end-users need to be aware when purchasing or installing that they insist on lamps that comply with the IEC 61549 Standard as products that do not comply are substandard.”

GlassGuard®’s fragment retention coating is applied to a full range of lamp types, including the highly regarded GlassGuard BlackBand® range of fluorescent lamps which are manufactured to the IEC 61549 Standard which has now been ratified.

The implementation of the IEC 61549 Standard will hopefully see an end to the production and availability of inferior and unfit shatterproof lamps in the market.

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