CMD Secures Licence To Sell Rotasoc

CMD, a leading British electrical manufacturer for commercial buildings announced that from 1 January 2013 they secured the license to sell Rotasoc®, the under desk modular power distribution system, which features 360° rotatable socket.

Since 1984 CMD has specialised in the design and manufacture of office power, which includes under desk, through desk and on desk power & data modules and the development of bespoke solutions.  And with over 25 years’ experience  and  expertise, the most logical next step was to add Rotasoc to its portfolio with its natural synergy with Betatrak, CMD’s underfloor power distribution system.  One of Rotasoc’s unique features is that the sockets are busbar interconnected so no terminals or soldering is required.  This makes it the perfect solution for rapid configuration and changes, when additional power and data is required or when workstations need to be relocated.   Rotasoc also includes a simple plug and play system that allows the modules to be quickly pushed together and locked in place using a ‘cam-lock’ lever system.  The ease of installation is further enhanced by the use of central through fixing, which makes the modules quick and easily to install onto all types surfaces, saving the end user time and money.

The three main product types; standard power, low noise power (clean earth) and dual power (standard and low noise together), means that Rotasoc can be used in a variety of environments including those where an uninterrupted power supply is critical.  And like CMD’s Betatrak system, the Rotasoc modules are colour coded and designed to prevent the three product types from being mixed when additional modules are attached.  The in-feed modules can be safely connected to the power supply prior to workstation installation, allowing circuits to be electrically tested, signed off and carpets laid before installation is completed.  The 16A systems can also be upgraded to a 32A system by simply changing the in-feed module and supply cables to 32A.

Steve Cole, CMD’s Managing Director, explains,  “Rotasoc is a great addition to the CMD family of products with its respected brand heritage and its recognised design features, which the industry has grown to love and trust over the last decade.  With its modular design, locked securely together with a cam-lock lever, additional modules can be added when more power and data is required, making Rotasoc the ideal power and data solution in today’s fast moving workplace.”

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