Cambridge’s e-Luminate Festival to Shine Light on CleanTech Innovation

At the tail end of winter, the people of Cambridge are in for a treat; the streets will be alight with art and innovation.

The inaugural e-Luminate Festival 2013 is an exciting visual display which showcases one of Cambridge’s most upwardly mobile sectors; Clean Technology.

Running from the 20th of February until the 3rd of March 2013, a series of collaborations between Clean Technology innovators and visual artists will use light and installation art to demonstrate some of the extraordinary breakthroughs in this modern and environmentally-focussed industry.

The festival allows members of the public to fully interact with cutting-edge technology in a way that makes CleanTech real, relevant and accessible to all.

Festival organiser, Alessandra Caggiano says, “We’re delighted to be working with an array of brilliant innovators such as Polysolar, Lightwave and Cambridge University Eco Racing in such an interesting way. Our artists will be bringing clean technology into the public arena in a way that is unique and beautiful.”

As the climate change agenda becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, the opportunity to see some of the emerging technology in action is an interesting prospect.

Hugh Parnell, Chairman of Cambridge CleanTech says, “Good lighting, like good water, is something we take for granted. But it can also be an opportunity for technology, playing a vital role in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand. When this is further augmented by artistic creativity the opportunity for exciting results is even greater. E-Luminate will show just how lighting can be more than taken for granted and demonstrate innovation and inspiration simultaneously.”

To discover more about the festival and how to get involved, have a look at the website at e-Luminate Festival

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