Mitsubishi Electric Breakers Built-in Ri4Power by RITTAL

acbTogether with the worldwide system provider of control cabinet equipment and e-F@ctory Partner Rittal, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a modular control cabinet solution using Rittal's Ri4Power Structured System and Mitsubishi's innovative low-voltage switchgears.

Fast and reliable
Rittal's Ri4Power System has been designed for fast and reliable construction of low-voltage switchgears for machines, plants, buildings and motor controllers, and has been designed for loads up to 3200 A. The system is ASTA-certified and fulfills the building design certificate compliant with EN 61439-1/2 to ensure highest safety standards within energy distribution.

Easy planning and installation
The Ri4Power System facilitates easy planning and handling as well as perfect installation and a high level of modularity. Full flexibility is also achieved because the separate areas inside the control cabinet can be adjusted specific to the function-related switchgear installation.

The type-approved control cabinet modules for low-voltage switchgears with building design certificate from Mitsubishi now provide a complete solution that allows the operator to select the best components and systems of their class, sure in the knowledge that all safety regulations are met.

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