Council to Install 'green' Lighting on Sheringham's East Promenade

Twelve solar and wind powered lighting columns will be installed along the North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) town’s Sheringham East Promenade, following a trial of the system in 2010/11.

As a result of the pilot scheme improvements have been made to the sustainable technology, to ensure that it works effectively, particularly in the harsh winter conditions experienced on the north Norfolk coast.

A former scheme, using traditional mains powered electric lights, was originally considered as part of the Sheringham regeneration project in the early part of this century, but it had to be dropped owing to the prohibitive cost and significant disruption of having to replace failed underground electricity cabling along the length of the Prom. Subsequent discussions between NNDC, Sheringham Town Council and Sheringham Regeneration, along with a public consultation, concluded that there was general agreement that lighting was desired and that an innovative low-cost and sustainable alternative might be possible and affordable. This led to the ‘green’ pilot scheme in 2010.

The work, which will start on 12 November and should be completed by the end of the month, was deliberately planned for the late autumn so as to be outside the main visitor season but before the onset of the harshest winter weather, and so in time to illuminate the East Promenade for winter walkers.

Following a formal tender process the work, which will cost nearly £53,000 and is being funded by NNDC with contributions from Sheringham Town Council and Sheringham Regeneration, will be undertaken by specialist firm Marlec Engineering Co. Ltd. of Corby.

NNDC Cabinet Member for Corporate Assets, Rhodri Oliver, said, “Sheringham is an all-year-round resort and I am delighted that by working together we have been able to reinstate lighting on the East Promenade. I am even more pleased that it will be innovative, effective, efficient and low-energy, reinforcing North Norfolk’s growing reputation as a champion for a sustainable environment.”

Sheringham Mayor, Doug Smith, said, "Sheringham Town Council is proud to be a funding partner in this exciting project. Sheringham will be one of the first towns in Britain to showcase this innovative, environment-friendly lighting on a seaside promenade. Once again Sheringham leads the way with a superb all-year-round facility for residents and visitors alike."

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