Cablofil is the Cream of the Crop at Westbury Dairies

Cablofil UK has supplied more than 1.5km of steel wire tray for a state-of-the-art butter production and packing plant at Westbury Dairies. Cablofil will contain all the new production facility’s power and data cabling, in addition to the compressed air hoses.

The Wiltshire-based dairy has been producing bulk butter for Arla Foods since August 2011 using the plant’s existing butter-making facilities.  The new dedicated butter factory at the site will enable the food giant to manufacture retail butter at Westbury too, using British cream. Cablofil supplied stainless steel 304L industrial grade steel wire tray in 600 mm wide lengths which will be used to accommodate both cabling and the compressed air hose network required to operate the butter making machinery.

The factory has been fitted out with a free-standing pipe rack network and the Cablofil steel wire tray has been fitted to this racking system above the production equipment. Ensuring excellent hygiene standards was an important aspect of the specification and in order to enhance the hygiene and maintenance advantages of the Cablofil system’s open structure, the installation team welded the sections of steel wire tray together to eliminate the risk of contaminant build up at the joints. Cablofil’s unique Faslock system was then used to form the bends, offering a much more hygienic, easy-to-clean alternative to traditional clamps.

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