Don’t Let Britain Be Left In The Dark

In the light of last week’s Ofgem warning of future power cuts, a Lancashire based company could have the solution to keep Britain switched on.

UK Powertech Ltd, specialists in industrial and commercial batteries, have used their expertise to design a range of compact energy storage devices specifically for small businesses and homes. Called The BlackCurrent, it is a safe, easy to install emergency power pack to bridge the energy gap when the power is down.

The BlackCurrent works in a similar way to emergency back up systems used by hospitals and banks where maintaining electricity is critical. The unit can either be plugged into an ordinary electric socket and equipment can be plugged directly into it, or connected into the mains to create an emergency circuit which can feed critical equipment. The BlackCurrent stores electricity till it detects a break in the power when it seamlessly takes over power demands be it for lights, commercial IT equipment, medical equipment etc for a couple of hours until the main power is restored.

Extensive research showed UK Powertech that there was nothing available for the smaller end user to act as a simple back up system that would store enough power for all the electronic equipment needed to keep businesses and homes going.

Mark Rigby, UK Powertech’s Managing Director, like others involved in the energy business has been aware for some time that small businesses and households were not adequately prepared for regular power cuts.

“As we start to decommission 25% of our old power stations by 2015 and lose the equivalent amount of energy, power cuts are inevitable. This energy gap, combined with the consumer’s insatiable appetite energy consuming technology, can only have a negative impact on future power supplies.”