Maxwell Technolgies Power London's Latest Tourist Attraction

The Emirates Airline Cable Car service, the Capital's newest and most expensive tourist attraction, is pioneering the use of green energy to offer upscaleviews of the City.

Travelling between Greenwich and the O2 Centre, the cable cars carried an average of 20,000 passengers a day during the Games. Each cable car is fitted with its own energy management and storage system integrating the ultracapacitor from Maxwell Technologies.

Maxwell Technolgies, selected by Bloomberg as 2012 New Energy Pioneer, has supplied the 48V ultracapacitor-modules fitted on top of each car to enable split second, rapid-energy charging of the modules on reaching the charging stations located at both turnaround points.

This energy storage and management system ensures maximum passenger comfort on board during the 5 minute journey by providing the power needed for the multimedia, lights and air conditioning while keeping the carbon load to the minimum.

Unlike batteries, which produce and store energy by means of a chemical reaction, Maxwell’s ultracapacitor stores energy in anelectric field. This electrostatic energy storage mechanism enables ultracapacitors to charge and discharge in as little as fractions of a second, perform normally over a broad temperature range (-40 to + 65C) and operate reliably for up to one million or more charge/discharge cycles.

There is also the added advantage in that, unlike conventional batteries which in any case would be too heavy,  ultracapacitors require little or no maintenance making it the ideal solution for London's newest tourist attraction.

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