Shining a Light on Device Connections

PTSM device connectorDuncan Nicol, Business Development Manager at Phoenix Contact, explains device connection solutions for LED Lighting applications.

Phoenix Contact is at the forefront of device connection technology with a range of PCB terminal blocks and plug headers specifically designed for LED lighting applications. The LED continues to be incorporated into increasingly complex lighting solutions and Phoenix Contact is one step ahead when it comes to providing device connection solutions.

The market for LED light engines in increasingly competitive and customers are focusing more on quality and life expectancy. The retrofit market offers significant financial savings for customers but only if the product performs to expectation. Reliable and robust device connections are key considerations when designing light engines.

The existing range of PTSM device connectors from Phoenix Contact deliver robust designs ideally suited to light engine applications. Mechanical strength is particularly important given the demanding environments into which LED lighting solutions are installed. The PTSM horizontal & vertical SMD terminal blocks feature mechanical anchors that securely bond the connector to the PCB. This prevents the accidental removal of the terminal block during wiring and installation. With a 2.5mm pitch, these compact terminals offer exceptional performance with up to 6 amp, 160 volt capability. Also available in through hole reflow (THR) and supplied in tape-on-real for automatic placement.

Light engines are typically white in appearance to reflect light away from the light fixture and are often visible to the observer once installed. In response to customer feedback, Phoenix Contact has launched the PTSM range in a white housing to address the need for subtle device connections on white metal clad sub straights. The housing material has been specifically selected to maintain appearance and mechanical properties during the SMD process and provide designers with an alternative to the typical black SMD connector.

LED lighting is finding its way into a multitude of applications from street lighting to museums and galleries. One example is retail lighting schemes where controlled light is used to highlight product in a subtle and yet eye catching way. Light engines are often connected together to produce long lengths of continuous light. Providing secure board-to-board connections in compact fixtures without compromising the design is often a challenge.

The new board-to-board SMD connector from Phoenix Contact provides a robust solution. Featuring strong mechanical anchors and a compact 2.5mm pitch, the new PCB header and inverted header is available in black and white from 2 to 8 poles. Available in horizontal SMD and both horizontal & vertical THR packages, the new connector range offers versatile solutions to lighting and building automation designers.

Of course, light engines also require power and control systems in order to operate. Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of device connectors for building automation and lighting applications.

The PTS series push-in spring connection terminal blocks are the latest products to offer fast connection technology in a compact 5mm & 7.5mm pitch connector for reflow and wave soldering processes.

Production costs are an important consideration when designing new products and so eliminating the wave soldering process is often desirable. The PTS plug-in connector is ideally suited and designed for use with a THR pin strip. The PST pin strip is a THR compatible solution for PTS terminal blocks and is available in standard and snap-on locking variants. Supplied in tube or tape-on-real for automatic placement.

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