Designing LED Downlights With The Customer In Mind

GTS 40Designed and manufactured with the retail, hospitality and office environments in mind, Gamma Illumination launches its TTS and GTS range of fixed and adjustable LED recessed downlights, powered with the exceptional Fortimo LED SLM module from Philips.

Gamma has taken one of the leading LED modules, from Philips, understood the technical features and developed a range of luminaires which convert the features to benefits for the end-users application.  The TTS and GTS range provides an attractive, discreet and powerful LED downlight and gimbal solution which lends itself to a variety of environments.

The range is powered by the Fortimo LED SLM module which offers outstanding efficacy and has been designed to optimally perform in combination with the Philips Xitanium LED driver and backed by the Philips system guarantee.

The TTS and GTS heatsink has been developed so that the thermodynamics are effectively managed to optimise light output, as well as the life of the luminaire, in up to a 35°C ambient temperature.  It has also taken into consideration the increased need to install luminaires in restricted ceiling voids, the TTS can fit into voids of less than 100mm.  The range provides colour rendering of 85 Ra, a choice of 800 or 1100 lumen output and 3000 or 4000 colour temperature options which are consistent up to L70 of their 50,000 hour life.  In addition, mains dimming, Touch + DALI controls, ILEM emergency options as well as a wide range of decorative accessories make the TTS and GTS a fantastic adaptable lighting solution.

TTS 40TTS and GTS luminaires are the latest additions to an already extensive range of lighting products that help Gamma customers meet project targets, keep within budget and deliver a reliable and stable light source for ambient and display lighting applications in retail, hospitality, reception and corridor areas, and are backed by the quality promise from reliable suppliers such as Philips.

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