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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 05:44



Defining Light Seminar

– What is light?

– Mechanisms of vision and the human response to light

– The technical terminology of light explained

– Choosing the right lamp

– A ‘hands-on’ lamps demonstration

– Challenging the numerical approach to lighting

Refining Light Seminar

– Lamp selection reviewed

– Understanding light distribution and reflector design

– A ‘hands-on’ demonstration of reflectors - what they do

– Light distribution patterns

– Choosing the right luminaire

– Understanding luminaire specifications

– Contextual and sympathetic architectural integration

Vertical Illuminance Seminar

– Spatial effects of lighting vertical surfaces

– Holistic design principles: linking indoors with outdoors

– Colour and scenes

– Vertical lighting tools for internal and external use

– Planning in practice

– Virtual luminaires and the value of computer generated


Tune The Light Workshop

– Lighting control systems overview

– Shaping space with light

– Lighting control as an architectural tool

– Layered lighting

– The human interface

– Light System DALI explained

– Culminating in a short, ‘hands-on’ project to build and programme a real light and colour control system


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