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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 06:48

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C-TEC offers the following free-of-charge training courses:
- A Guide to BS5839 Part 8 Voice Alarm System Design (CPD certified)
- Voice Alarm System Design, Installation and Commissioning (focusing on C-TEC's AVAC and Integrity Systems)
- Hearing Assistance Solutions : The Route to DDA Compliance (CPD Certified)
- The PDA RANGE of Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS)
- XFP/AFP Analogue Addressable Fire Panels (with an overview of the CFP conventional fire panel)
- Quantec Addressable Call Systems
- A Guide to BS5839-9 Emergency Voice Communication / Disabled Refuge Systems (CPD certified)

All courses (explained in detail below) are available at our headquarters in Wigan and commence at 10am. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the day and for courses over three hours in duration, a light buffet lunch is served at around 12.30pm. Delegates are presented with an attendance certificate on completion of the course.

In addition to covering the areas highlighted, our technical managers will be only too happy to go through any other products you may be interested in or offer more in-depth technical training at the end of each session. Please note that off-site training courses can also be arranged for CPD members and/or qualifying customers (minimum 6 delegates).


It's a well-established fact that people respond more quickly to the spoken word and that clear, directed voice messages can, in the event of an emergency, save lives. In the UK, voice alarm system design and installation is governed by BS5839 part 8. This hour-long CPD certified seminar aims to give attendees a general understanding of the subject matter. The seminar covers the relevant standards, summarises the types of equipment and solutions available and gives practical advice on loudspeaker placement and other key issues.

Every course submitted for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification is assessed by an independent panel of experts to ensure that its educational content is at an appropriate level. This course has been categorized as being suitable for an “intermediate” audience in that both novices and experienced participants are likely to benefit. In addition to an attendance certificate, all attendees will receive a course notes workbook which they can use to take notes during the course.


This two hour course follows on from the CPD certified course (described above) and focuses on the sale, design, installation and commissioning of C-TEC’s AVAC and Integrity voice alarm systems.

In one compact wall-mounting enclosure, AVAC comprises conventional and analogue (XP95) fire alarm interfaces, a high-quality digital message store, a prioritised mixer, two 60-Watt Class D amplifiers, an EN54-4 compliant switch mode PSU, a battery charger and three balanced line level inputs for the optional connection of an emergency microphone, paging equipment and background music sources. The fact multiple AVACS (and slaves) can be connected to one host fire detection system makes the system ideal for virtually all small to medium sized applications (including evacuation projects) in hotels, leisure centres, licensed premises, etc.

Integrity is a fully integrated 2-64 zone VA, PA and BGM (background music) solution ideally suited for use in applications requiring complex audio routing such as theatres, hotels, exhibition halls and shopping centres. Its unique PC software allows the system to be designed and demonstrated prior to purchase giving customers confidence and control of the sites voice evacuation strategies. Its simple monitored fire alarm interface can be easily connected to a fire panel’s sounder circuits.


Over 10% of the population suffer from hearing impairment. Under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) anyone offering goods, facilities or services to the general public must make ‘reasonable’ adjustments to ensure they do not discriminate against such people. This hour-long CPD certified seminar summarises what the DDA recommends for the hearing impaired and provides an overview of the various hearing assistance solutions that are available. It describes how auxiliary aids such as sound reinforcement, infrared, radio and audio-frequency induction loop systems work, their pros and cons and typical applications.


The installation of an induction loop system is recognised as an adjustment many organisations can make to help comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. This three to four hour course follows on from the CPD certified course (described above) and offers installers, sales professionals, engineers and architects an overview of the PDA RANGE of audio-frequency induction loop system. Its sections include what are induction loop systems?; a history of the telecoil and induction loop systems; why loop systems are used and are useful; hearing loss and how hearing aids work; induction loop legislation, BS7494, the DDA and its enforcement agency, the DRC: how do induction loop systems work?; the PDA RANGE of induction loop amplifiers, testing induction loops to ensure compliance with accepted British standards; installation and low overspill loop designs

XFP/AFP ANALOGUE ADDRESSABLE FIRE PANELS (with a brief overview of the CFP Conventional Fire Panel)

This three to four hour course will interest all those involved in fire detection installation and design including specialist fire installers, fire sales engineers, specifiers, architects and consultants. It aims to provide delegates with a very good understanding of installing, maintaining and commissioning analogue addressable fire panels and encompasses: the basic overview of analogue addressable fire panels; full demonstration of the XFP and/or AFP panels; explanation of the inner workings of the panel, e.g., boards, power supplies, etc.; access levels; programming the system; upload/download software; discussion.

The final hour of the course will be devoted to a short introduction to our CFP conventional fire panel including: the inner workings of the panel, e.g., boards, power supplies, etc; access levels and programming; relay boards and repeater panels; the different versions available, e.g., LPCB approved, AlarmSense, etc.


An intensive three to four hour session intended for those working principally in engineering and sales, designed to offer an in-depth understanding of the installation, maintenance and commissioning of the Quantec addressable call system. It covers: why, where and how Quantec can be used?; a basic overview of the Quantec Controller; overview of devices, i.e., call points, displays, monitoring points, etc.; system wiring; different access levels for engineer, end user, etc.; programming - how to add and remove devices from the system; upload/download software; an overview of the Quantec Surveyor data analysis software package brief discussion          


Current building regulations insist all new non-domestic buildings with morethan one storey provide refuge areas - relatively safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes or evacuation lifts can call for assistance and wait until help arrives. Effective, two-way voice communication between these areas and a manned control room is essential. This new hour-long seminar - the first of its kind to receive CPD certification - explains in simple terms where and why such systems are required and how to design and install a system that complies with BS 5839-9. It covers:- categories of Emergency Voice Communication Systems; standards and regulations calling for Emergency Voice Communication Systems; criteria and location of disabled refuge and fire telephone ‘outstations’; mandatory requirements of BS 5839 part 9; what you need to know before specifying/installing an EVC system

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